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Romans 1:16

Churches come in different shapes and sizes as does every human being in their spiritual journey throughout life. The Journey Church of Westfield is not your typical church which we believe you will discover here.

Whether you are an atheist, an agnostic, a church shopper, wounded by past church experiences, or seeking answers, we welcome you to explore our unique way of doing church. 

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Sunday Expectations at The Journey

  1. Hospitality time begins at 10 AM
  2. Worship begins at 10:15
  3. Dress informally - we're not out to impress anyone, just to enjoy God and one another.
  4. Bring the kids - Children are welcome in Worship, childcare and Sunday School are also provided.
  5. Pastor Dan wants to meet you personally.
  6. Our Worship Music is contemporary, alive and full of joy - be ready to tap toes and clap hands!
  7. Get ready for a GREAT TIME - and an experience with God!


God doesn't want blind piety or expect perfection from his children. He wants a relationship. He wants to know you, and you to know him. Here's the thing, you may think you have to quit smoking, drinking, swearing, lusting, or whatever sin or flaw you're hung up on to have a relationship with God. But, nothing could be further from the truth. We're all sinners. God tells us that we are all sinners, and come short of God's expectations. But, He also tells us that God loves us despite all this. Even if you've done things that you think God could never love you for. Because of the blood shed by Jesus Christ on the cross, you are forgiven.

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